Hedge Accounting

Many financial institutions and corporate businesses use derivative financial instruments to hedge their exposure to different risks.

How Treasury Automation Enables Strategic Risk Management

FX volatility in stock prices, corporate

Accounting for widgets is not the role of a modern treasury leader. Treasury's shift from tactical to strategic is noted by AFP in its recent study, 2017 AFP Strategic Role of Treasury Survey, where "80% of survey respondents believe that treasury is currently playing a more strategic role at their organizations than in the past three years." However, in the absence of advanced technology, the treasury team is so encumbered with manual tasks that delivering strategic advice and decision support is out of reach.

Daniel Shaffer
November 15, 2017

EuroFinance 2017 Recap: Moving Treasury Forward


This year's EuroFinance conference took place in Barcelona, set against a backdrop of political turmoil in the Catalonia region of Spain. The irony was not lost on conference attendees that the political instability in the host city could be compared to the increasing turbulence that treasurers face every day. Treasury must rise above currency volatility, sovereign risk, regulatory compliance challenges, payment fraud schemes, proposed tax reform and other issues.

Bob Stark
October 10, 2017


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