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Bob has 18 years’ experience in treasury technology, working for many of the best known technology providers in the industry. As VP of Strategy at Kyriba, Bob is responsible for global product strategy and market development, and works with clients, partners, and industry influencers to ensure Kyriba is at the forefront of treasury technology. Bob has provided treasury management strategy to some of the world’s largest companies, and is a frequent speaker and author on treasury, risk management, and the cloud. If it’s worth knowing about in the treasury, you can assume he knows it.

Why Bitcoin Will Never be a Mainstream Currency

bitcoin marketcap

Yes, bitcoin is real and it is a legitimate financial asset, much like any commodity. I use the word “commodity” because that’s what this particular cryptocurrency behaves like. Many comparisons have been made to gold, which is reasonable because the value of bitcoin is not derived from any functional use. Its price is completely driven by supply and demand combined with a good measure of euphoria.

Bob Stark
December 19, 2017

Getting Ready for Real-Time Payments

Real time payments network

Real-time payments are getting closer to reality. While there are more questions than answers at this point, we have seen this discussion evolve over the past year as innovations such as SWIFT’s GPI, Faster Payments in the U.K. and same-day ACH in the U.S. have all sought to reduce settlement and clearing times to within a day.

Bob Stark
November 2, 2017

3 Keys for Treasury Success in Asia

Hong Kong

Recently, I had the pleasure of learning more about corporate treasury in Asia during visits to our local offices; meetings with clients in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore; and by attending several treasury conferences. It should be no surprise that corporate treasury is becoming more sophisticated across Asia as firms continue to demand “best of the best” best practices and scalable, easy to use technology.

What I found most interesting about treasury in Asia was:

Bob Stark
October 23, 2017

EuroFinance 2017 Recap: Moving Treasury Forward


This year's EuroFinance conference took place in Barcelona, set against a backdrop of political turmoil in the Catalonia region of Spain. The irony was not lost on conference attendees that the political instability in the host city could be compared to the increasing turbulence that treasurers face every day. Treasury must rise above currency volatility, sovereign risk, regulatory compliance challenges, payment fraud schemes, proposed tax reform and other issues.

Bob Stark
October 10, 2017

Kyriba’s Top Six Must-See 2017 EuroFinance Sessions


This year’s 2017 EuroFinance conference is stacking up to be the best one yet. The EuroFinance website  confirms more than 2,100 delegates from 50 plus countries will attend, offering a rich networking experience with some of the world’s leading treasury and finance professionals. The theme this year is ‘Intelligent Treasury’ – which is the evolution of sharing data through digital workflows.

Bob Stark
October 3, 2017