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Daniel is a marketing and public relations strategist for global corporates in technology, healthcare, SaaS, and telecommunications with 15 years of experience driving successful communications campaigns. As a champion of brand journalism, Daniel enjoys crafting thought leadership, and continues to experiment with the perfect pitch for media, brand influencers and bloggers. Daniel has enjoyed the thrill of problem solving for startups, growth hacking, and working cross functionally in mature corporate environments.

Unlocking Capital through Supply Chain Finance Technology

Increase working capital

Financing the supply chain is an age-old challenge for corporations, banks and suppliers, and the CFOs and treasury teams who manage procurement budgets. What has changed in recent years is the adoption of innovative technology solutions that create a dynamic layer of visibility in the supply chain, adding opportunities for suppliers who have otherwise funded their receivables up to 140 days or more before they had any notification that they would be paid by their customers.

Daniel Shaffer
December 7, 2017

How Treasury Automation Enables Strategic Risk Management

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Accounting for widgets is not the role of a modern treasury leader. Treasury's shift from tactical to strategic is noted by AFP in its recent study, 2017 AFP Strategic Role of Treasury Survey, where "80% of survey respondents believe that treasury is currently playing a more strategic role at their organizations than in the past three years." However, in the absence of advanced technology, the treasury team is so encumbered with manual tasks that delivering strategic advice and decision support is out of reach.

Daniel Shaffer
November 15, 2017

The Most Important Value That a Truly ‘Strategic’ CFO Can Deliver

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CFOs play a vital role in supporting the CEO and their board of directors at a strategic level. This was illustrated by a study carried out by CFO Research, in collaboration with Kyriba, which gauged the views of 167 senior finance executives.

Daniel Shaffer
November 14, 2017

How Spotify Delivers Treasury Innovation

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When world-class treasury teams are recognized for their achievements, innovation in streamlining treasury processes and use of modern technology are common themes. This was especially true for Spotify’s treasury team, which won the 2016 EuroFinance Award for Treasury Excellence for its strategic and technology-focused approach to their treasury operations.

Daniel Shaffer
November 8, 2017

Brexit Brings FX Challenges for Treasurers

British flag and lock - Brexit

The current climate for corporate treasury is one of considerable uncertainty. While this uncertainty is manifesting itself in different ways, the outcome of last year’s Brexit referendum has particularly underscored the need for treasurers to be prepared for every eventuality. Unfortunately, this is not always the case: more than half of CFOs had not put in place a Brexit contingency plan before the vote, according to research published by Deloitte in April 2016.

John Campbell
October 20, 2017

IFRS 9: Why It’s Time to Revisit Hedging

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World events over the last 18 months have resulted in some significant currency movements – and many European companies have suffered as a result. Deutsche Telekom, for example, reported that net profit was down 18% last year when the company’s stake in BT lost value “mainly as a result of a fall in BT’s share price and in the pound sterling following the Brexit referendum.” Meanwhile, EasyJet reported pre-tax losses of £212m in the first half of this year, largely due to the weaker pound.

John Campbell
September 25, 2017