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Spreadsheets may be free and ubiquitous, but that doesn’t mean you should use them, as your main treasury management platform.  Not only are they time-consuming, but they’re also error-prone – one misstep in a formula or mis-keyed number can have a catastrophic impact. Unfortunately, until recently, there really wasn’t much of choice for mid-market organizations. You either live with spreadsheets and all their issues, or you invest in a solution that’s not tailored for your needs.

The way we see it, just because you’re a mid-market company doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get the benefit of the same powerful tools that multinational organizations use to streamline their treasury management processes. That’s where Kyriba Pro comes in. Kyriba Pro is designed specifically to address the cash and liquidity needs of midmarket organizations, delivering a fully web-based solution that improves the visibility, productivity and control of your cash management. Kyriba Pro is has an affordable monthly subscription fee and can be implemented in a matter of weeks.

Mid-market Cash Management Challenge Spreadsheets Kyriba Pro
Ability to enable financial controls No Yes
Accurate cash forecasting No Yes
Audit trails to track treasury activity No Yes
Automated emailing of reports No Yes
Complete disaster recovery solution No Yes
Designed specifically for treasury management No Yes
Enables efficient Treasury team collaboration No Yes
Pre-built reporting and dashboards No Yes
Pure Web/Cloud access No Yes
Schedule recurring treasury tasks No Yes


Key Benefits

Cash Positioning: Automate the preparation and reconciliation of your daily cash position. Dynamically combine bank balances and transactions with expected cash flows to ensure that at any point during the day, you have a real-time view of positions across banks, accounts, entities, and regions.

Bank Reporting: Import your to import your bank reports directly into the software. You can also add scheduled bank reporting, which connects to your bank’s BAI reporting service. 

Cash Forecasting: Improve Cash Forecasting and forecast accuracy. Forecasts are built from multiple sources of data – including internal systems, historical data, recurring models – and are reconciled against actual transactions by day, week, or month to help you continuously improve your cash projections.

Short Term Debt: Tracks and manage your debt transactions, including discount and interest-bearing instrument types. The appropriate GL entries can be generated, along with the update of the Cash Forecast. 

Money Market Investments: Track and manage your Investment transactions, including money market fund, discount, and interest-bearing instrument types. The appropriate GL entries can be generated, along with the update of the cash forecast.

Accounting: Streamline the journal entry process by generating accounting entries for bank, investment and debt transactions.

Bank Account Management: Track all details of your bank accounts to produce the appropriate management, bank, and compliance reporting.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in the cloud: Kyriba Pro is a 100% cloud solution, offering complete security, disaster recovery, and web delivery:

  • Pure web solution; no IT involvement
  • No hardware or software to install
  • Best-in-class security and disaster recovery
  • Access anytime, anywhere
  • Low monthly subscription 


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