Improve Internal Treasury and Cash Controls

Sarbanes-Oxley. Dodd-Frank. Security audits. Corporate mandates. Now, more than ever, treasurers and CFOs need to comply with a wide range of internal and external regulations and processes, as well as minimize operational risk. To establish these controls, it’s critical for organizations to develop structured workflows, comprehensive audit trails and separation of each user’s duties.

Kyriba helps you achieve and maintain regulatory compliance by defining roles for each user and establishing access rights based on a range of criteria. Approvals can be set up for each step of the workflow, and complete audit trails are set up for each transaction.

Kyriba has secure, encrypted communications to all third parties and banks, so you can rest easy and know that your data is secure in transit. 

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How does Partners Healthcare uses Kyriba’s web-based cash management platform to improve its cash controls? Download the success story.