Kyriba's Benefits for Treasury Leaders

As a treasury leader, you know that the benefits of treasury management systems go beyond time-savings and productivity enhancements. 

Kyriba enables you and your treasury team to be leaders within the finance department and a strategic partner to other departments within the entire organization :

  • Full compliance for your Dodd-Frank, SEPA and EMIR initiatives
  • Fully integrated cash and risk management and working capital solutions
  • World-class business intelligence, analytics and reporting capabilities
  • On the go cash positioning and payment approvals

Kyriba is the leader in Proactive Treasury Management (PTM). PTM goes far beyond simply managing and forecasting your cash position. It gives you valuable insight into your company’s cash and risk position, enabling treasury to become a strategic partner to business units across the organization, as well as providing deep analysis to support the financial decision-making process.

Kyriba goes beyond simply managing and forecasting your cash position. It gives you the valuable insight you need to make strategic financial decisions.

Kyriba is a SaaS-based system, with a focus on optimizing liquidity management, managing risk, increasing control, reducing fraud, facilitating audit requests and supporting regulation and policy compliance efforts. It enables treasury to become more proactive through efficient, well-controlled and auditable capabilities. This means that your team can focus on delivering strategic analysis that delivers real value to the business. 

Kyriba also has advanced, out-the-box reporting capabilities, including dashboards and automated distribution of reports. You get straightforward, actionable data at the push of a button, meaning comprehensive, accurate, and near real-time insight, that can have a real impact on corporate strategy.

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