Cash Management

Cash management, or treasury management, is a term for certain services related to cash flow offered primarily to larger business customers.

The Benefits of a Multi-Bank Working Capital Solution

Global banking working capital programs

Companies used to offer working capital or (supply chain finance) programs to their suppliers primarily in conjunction with a single bank. That was great for the bank, of course, because it allowed the bank to set the terms of the working capital program, to tie the company into a close, long-term relationship, and to gain maximum benefit from lending money to the company’s suppliers while only taking on the credit risk associated with the company itself. The company in question would, of course, usually be a multinational, large or mid-market business with a good credit rating.

Moez Habib Thameur
September 27, 2018

Strategic Treasury: Does it Play a Part in Your Enterprise?

EY business strategy for treasury

As companies address the challenges of today’s rapidly changing market conditions and business needs, treasury is increasingly asked to support better execution of the broader business strategy. Below we identify six initiatives that corporate treasury functions should be prepared to assist, followed by questions to help financial professionals consider their current state and how their treasury can become a strategic function for the enterprise.

Transforming treasury operations

Valerio Trinchi
September 6, 2018


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