Fraud and Security

Issues regarding preventing fraud and providing financial systems' security.

Why IT Should Start Digital Transformation Projects in Finance

Why IT Should Start Digital Transformation Projects in Finance

Information technology leaders, CIOs, CTOs, CISOs and their teams, have an increasingly heavy burden to launch new technology that drives competitive advantages at their organization. The demand for improved security, scalability and efficiency are top priorities for business leaders around the world. Most companies are going through some type of digital transformation to meet these demands, but with so many areas in need of an upgrade to their existing and aging solutions, how do IT teams prioritize projects? Gaining the most value for the organization starts with Finance.

Brad Teaver
January 11, 2019

How Should CFOs Leverage Treasury in 2019?

How Should CFOs Leverage Treasury in 2019

As we turn the corner on 2018, most CFOs will be focused on the simultaneous tasks of helping their chief executives to exploit the opportunities that come with a booming economy, while also buffering their organizations from the risk of potential economic deceleration, increased FX and interest rate volatility, and an ever growing regulatory and compliance burden. As a result, CFOs will inevitably expect their treasury functions to provide practical and strategic advice to help with all of these elements.

Alex Wolff
December 27, 2018


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