Supply Chain Finance

The set of solutions available for financing specific goods and/or products as they move from origin to destination along the supply chain

How to Increase Financial Performance with Working Capital Programs

Working capital interview Edi Poloniato

Editor’s Note: Kyriba recently announced a record half-year in bookings growth and has seen an increase in demand for its working capital solutions. We interviewed Kyriba’s Edi Poloniato, Global Head of Working Capital Solutions, to find out how companies are benefitting from working capital programs like supply chain finance and dynamic discounting.

Why is working capital optimization more important than ever?

Daniel Shaffer
August 2, 2018

How Working Capital Solutions Can Accelerate Free Cash Flow – and Boost Your Capital Investment by 48 Percent

Warehouse of goods - working capital solutions

Global companies have a staggering €1.2 trillion (USD 1.4 trillion) tied up in working capital, according to PwC’s Working Capital Report 2017/18. To put that figure in context, it’s enough cash to boost those companies’ capital investment by 48 percent – without them having to access additional funding or put pressure on their cash flows.

Edi Poloniato
June 25, 2018


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