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How to Strengthen Treasury’s Role as a Business Enabler

The CFO Perspective

Editor’s Note: For this installment of our multi-part blog series, profiling CFOs who are leveraging treasury to drive strategic change in their organizations, we focus on Douglas Bettinger, CFO of Lam Research, a leading chip manufacturer. Douglas talks about how his treasury team is a business enabler, especially in areas of cash generation, to help drive growth for the organization.

Erik Bratt
June 14, 2018

5 Tricks to Get the Most Value from Your TMS Implementation

TMS implementation

A treasury management system (TMS) can bring numerous significant improvements to your treasury, such as automating manual processes, reducing fraud risk and elevating the strategic function of the team to optimize working capital. But before you can bring these benefits to your team and the organization as a whole, you will first need to implement the new system.

Daniel Shaffer
May 30, 2018


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