2013 – a retrospective

By Kyriba February 4, 2014

Working for a fast-growing company, it’s always nice to hit those landmarks to remind us all just how far we’ve come in the past year. Now the dust has settled on 2013 and we move into the 2014 with new goals and plans, it’s certainly worth taking a step back for a quick recap.

The best news is that we’ve continued to grow revenues and sign some of the biggest names in the industry. Twenty-thirteen saw two of our four best quarters ever in terms of sales, and Kyriba attracted almost 120 clients last year, in areas ranging from e-commerce and retail to oil and gas exploration to healthcare and insurance. You can check out some of their case studies on our web site. In fact, we recently surpassed 200 clients in the U.S., and have well over 750 worldwide.

But it wasn’t just in sales where 2013 saw us make great strides. We took on a strategic round of funding in the middle of the year. This has allowed us to continue to invest heavily in both product development and infrastructure, as well as making our client support arguably the best and most innovative in the industry. All of this has been achieved by signing some of the best and brightest minds in technology, operations and management, including senior figures from companies including Intuit, Websense and Oracle.

While it’s certainly nice for us feel good about ourselves, it’s even nicer to have other organizations recognize Kyriba, and 2013 certainly saw plenty of this. At the start of the year, Global Finance magazine recognized Kyriba Enterprise as the Best SaaS Treasury Management Platform, as well as the Best Cash Forecasting Solution. We were also honored to be nominated by Ventana Research as its Technology Innovation Award Winner for Financial Technology. Given that other winners included brands such as IBM, Oracle and VMware, we were certainly in illustrious company.

So now it’s on to a new year. We’re excited about what 2014 has in store for us, and are looking forward to making several major corporate and product announcements in the coming year. Stay tuned.

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