90 seconds to a more strategic treasury operation

By Kyriba February 19, 2014

Kyriba recently launched a major new initiative: Proactive Treasury Management – PTM. PTM is a new approach to treasury management that empowers organizations to optimize their cash, manage their risk and work their capital in a more meaningful way. It gives treasury teams the tools, data and deep analytical capabilities to create real value, and provdes organizations with the power to anticipate, plan and initiate change rather than react to events; optimize and protect cash – the lifeblood of the organization; and deliver strategic execution of their growth plans.

You can certainly learn more about PTM on our website (or, of course, by contacting our team of treasury experts or scheduling a demo of the system). In the meantime, we felt that this video would give a great overview of PTM and how it can benefit your organization. Sit back, put on your headphones and learn more.

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