BlackRock’s Thomas Callahan Discusses the New Kyriba-BlackRock Partnership

By Daniel Shaffer March 19, 2018

Kyriba and BlackRock teamed-up to provide a better liquidity management solution for senior treasury and finance leaders across the globe. As announced, the new strategic partnership will enable faster execution of cash investments for CFOs and treasurers based on accurate, real-time visibility into their global cash positions. 

The value of the strategic partnership to senior finance leaders is best described by BlackRock’s Head of Global Cash Management, Thomas Callahan, in the short but insightful video interview below. 

The regulatory enviroment is making it more cumbersome to invest cash and yet tax reform in the U.S. has made it more beneficial for corporations with cash overseas to repatriate cash. With Kyriba and BlackRock, CFOs can see and move their cash quickly, reliably and in an automated fashion. 


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