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Bob has 18 years’ experience in treasury technology, working for many of the best known technology providers in the industry. As VP of Strategy at Kyriba, Bob is responsible for global product strategy and market development, and works with clients, partners, and industry influencers to ensure Kyriba is at the forefront of treasury technology. Bob has provided treasury management strategy to some of the world’s largest companies, and is a frequent speaker and author on treasury, risk management, and the cloud. If it’s worth knowing about in the treasury, you can assume he knows it.

Could Your Business Continuity Plan Survive Hurricanes?

Hurricane Warning

Natural disasters are unpredictable and costly. When hurricanes strike, the damage can be devastating, especially if you are not prepared. 

If there is a business lesson to be learned from natural disasters, it’s the importance of proper and ongoing business continuity planning (BCP), a strategy for keeping an organization operating during an unplanned event, such as an earthquake, hurricane or something else. According to a 2017 survey by CFO Research, just 33 percent of senior financial executives felt their organizations were prepared to recover from a natural disaster.

Bob Stark
September 18, 2018

Why Does Treasury Care About Lease Accounting?

Lease Accounting, time is running out

Adoption of lease accounting standards such as IFRS16 is less than a year away, with regulations effective as of January 2019. Yet, with over two years to prepare already, most corporates report not being ready for the transition. In fact, most treasurers are either unaware of or not involved with their organization’s lease accounting project planning. This is a serious problem as lease accounting experts are finding that uncovering the full magnitude of lease contracts takes at least 12 months to complete.

Why is lease accounting so difficult?

Bob Stark
September 14, 2018

Cross-border Payments: What’s Next?

cross border payments

With global trade volumes continuing to rise, cross-border payments are increasing too. Indeed, research by Accenture forecast that the overall value of cross-border payments would rise by 5.6 percent per year between 2016 and 2022.

Bob Stark
May 1, 2018

Eliminating the Pain from Payments with a Treasury Management Solution

Old treasury management office

Treasury professionals who manage cash are faced with many challenges, especially if they have not invested in a modern solution to help centralize their payments operations. These challenges are amplified when considering the recent escalation in payments fraud.

Bob Stark
April 27, 2018

Burn Those Spreadsheets -- and 4 Other Ways that Treasurers Can Help their CFOs Sleep Better

remove spreadsheets and other ways Treasurers can help CFOs

Fact. Your CFO is losing sleep at night because he or she is worried about your organization’s financial reporting processes. According to the Future of Financial Reporting 2017 survey, conducted by the FSN Modern Finance Forum on LinkedIn, 97 percent of CFOs are being kept awake by a host of reporting-related concerns, from inadequate controls, to the prospect of having to face “unanswerable questions” in the boardroom and finding that serious errors have cropped up on critical spreadsheets.

Bob Stark
March 19, 2018