CFO Performance Tied to Digital Treasury Transformation

By Dory Malouf September 4, 2018

As the “chief growth officers” in an organization, CFOs play a crucial role in steering the enterprise toward profitable growth. Re-thinking the role of treasury in the midst of rapid growth is required to ensure success in the digital era. What separates winners from laggards is a treasury management system that equips treasury with the ability to take a more prominent role in driving both operational efficiency and execution effectiveness across business units.

Digitally-enabled treasury management is the strategic weapon that unleashes the enterprise’s value-creation potential. The right treasury management system will empower treasurers and their teams to tackle today’s most complex financial challenges with solutions for cash and risk management, payments and working capital optimization.

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Transforming any treasury operation into a mission-critical, digitally-designed, insight-focused function should focus on three key pillars:

  1. Protect Against Loss
  1. Drive Growth Opportunities
  • Enhance decision making through timely, accurate cash and liquidity forecasting
  • Optimize working capital to increase free cash flow
  • Increase investment income and decrease debt
  • Re-allocate human capital and cash to more strategic growth initiatives
  1. Reduce Costs Via Automation
  • Eliminate labor intensive processes, including:

The road to steering the enterprise toward profitable growth goes through treasury. This point was re-affirmed in a new white paper from The Hackett Group, entitled “The CFO as Chief Growth Officer,” which discusses the direct and immediate value that modern treasury technology can have in accelerating business growth.

It is clear that today’s CFOs must empower their treasurer to lead the path to digital treasury management transformation. This transformation is not possible without a treasury management system that enables productivity; enhancement of internal controls; and timely and reliable visibility into cash with business intelligence-enabled analytics resulting in more informed financial decisions. 

The CFO’s empowerment of their treasurer with this level of digital knowledge and systematic workflow will have positive cash flow implications and strengthen margins that improve shareholder returns or a company’s net value.

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