How to take treasury international (without the mishaps)

By Kyriba February 24, 2015

With the continued march toward globalization, the treasury function itself has necessarily needed to become a more global operation. In fact, during a survey we conducted last year with the UK’s Association of Corporate Treasurers1, a third of all treasury teams have a global remit, rising to almost half of all organizations with more than £1bn ($1.5bn) in annual revenues.

Even if you operate a best-practice treasury function in your home market, going global could still be fraught with challenges, as the operational, cultural and regulatory environments can often significantly differ from country to country. So, simply saying “this works well at corporate, so let’s replicate it in other markets,” could be a very dangerous path to tread, and could leave your organization with significant challenges. However, you’re not alone – some of the biggest companies in the world have made major blunders when rolling out internationally (especially when it comes to naming their products2). 

If you’re embarking on a treasury globalization program, want to improve your own global treasury operation, or are simply interested in hearing tips on how it can be achieved, we’d love you to join our webinar, Going Global – Best Practices for International Cash and Treasury Management, which will take place March 12, 2015, at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET. We will be joined by Ari Morris, a founding partner of Global Treasury Partners, and will talk about a wide range of topics, including:

  • Optimizing global liquidity management leveraging comprehensive balance visibility and intercompany structures
  • Managing payment workflows, controls and bank access rights
  • Implementing and maintaining bank account mandates in accordance with corporate banking resolutions
  • Consolidating global cash flow forecast and analyzing forecast variances


1. Kyriba / ACT 2014 Treasury Management Survey

2. 15 Brand Failures: Advertising Mistakes & Cultural Blunders

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