Kyrib…uh? Where does our name come from?

By Kyriba April 24, 2015

Two of the most common questions I get asked from people outside the company are “where did the name come from?” and “how is Kyriba pronounced?”
Let’s start with the name. Kyriba is derived from Kiribati, which is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean. Kiribati is unique in that it straddles both the equator and the International Date Line. As a result of this location, Kiribati is the first land mass to see the light of each new day.
Kiribati map
So, how does that translate to our name? When Kyriba was established in the early 2000s, most treasurers were still reliant on manual processes to view their daily cash position, and, as a result, the manual calculation could take several hours to process and deliver to the Treasury Manager or CFO for review.
The introduction of Kyriba’s SaaS treasury management system completely changed this situation. Instead of our treasury clients manually logging into their bank portals and manually entering balances into spreadsheets, their data is automatically pulled into their Kyriba portal (in fact, we even have a team that verifies that each bank’s data is uploaded, and will work directly on our client’s behalf if data is missing). What this means for our clients is that as soon as they arrive in the office and log on to Kyriba in the morning, they have instant visibility into their organization’s global cash position. 
As for the pronunciation? Very simple: It’s “kuh-ree-ba” or, if you prefer the phonetic spelling, kəˈri:bə. 
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