Kyriba Launches New State of the Art Command Centers

By Daniel Shaffer August 16, 2017

Data protection is a significant priority for any organization and preventing loss of financial assets is a challenging and expensive endeavor for today’s global CFOs and CIOs. Today’s cloud operations are more specialized and require a staff of experts to maintain the highest standards in security, which is one reason why mid-market to large enterprise corporates are choosing to outsource their cloud technology. World-class cloud treasury and finance solutions are dedicated to providing a safe, secure and reliable working environment with almost zero downtime. Achieving such a standard is a complex and expensive task that few companies can or should take on with their own resources. At Kyriba, providing safe and predictable solutions is a fundamental priority, which is why Kyriba commits to maintaining four pillars of data security: physical, application, vendor and process.

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Kyriba recently launched brand new, state of the art command centers in San Diego and Paris to monitor the security and health of its global cloud infrastructure, adding another layer of physical security to its data centers. The command centers house modern technology solutions that provide instant notifications about any perceived security threats or activities across any part of the network, and confirm that Kyriba’s software-as-a-service platform is operating with the highest possible production quality.

Kyriba Command Center

Maintaining a safe environment

The increase in cybercrime, internal fraud and socially engineered payments scams drives organizations to stay more vigilant than ever. Kyriba’s new command centers gather intelligence, analyze data and evaluate threats. A command center is an important component of any risk reduction program, enabling a rapid and effective response to a variety of risks or security situations. These security centers are staffed by a team of Kyriba cloud operations experts who monitor and communicate actionable reports between global offices. When a system alert is received, cloud operations teams leverage intelligent analytics to immediately formulate and launch an appropriate response.

Protecting the health of the infrastructure

Monitoring of the operations environment, including power, UPS, security, and network stability, is another key function performed by Kyriba’s command centers and cloud operations teams. In order to ensure 99.9 percent uptime for Kyriba’s more than 1,600 clients and 50,000 users worldwide, a regular and systematic series of checks is required. At the command centers in San Diego and Paris, cloud operations staff monitor the health of the infrastructure 24/7. System upgrades are performed behind the scenes and with no impact to the functionality of the infrastructure and are deployed and monitored by the staff. There are also major Kyriba product system upgrades several times per year, and ongoing minor updates that are monitored from the control center to ensure the system is operating as expected.

The new command centers help Kyriba ensure the highest standards of security are met so that clients can be assured their data is safe, and that their Kyriba solutions are performing at optimal levels. For more information about Kyriba’s security protocols, data or application information, visit For more information about the advantages of cloud treasury and finance from Kyriba, visit

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