Launching Kyriba Social – building client community via online support and user interaction

By Kyriba June 19, 2013

Kyriba is proud to announce the launch of our global, online social support portal — Kyriba Social —which provides our clients with a dynamic resource, combining a knowledge base with a peer-to-peer interactive social forum, ideas portal and online support.

This will provide the flexibility for clients to review and monitor support cases across their entire organization, as well as a key feature — the ability to interact with other Kyriba users to share best practices and discuss current topics in the treasury and finance space. The ability to interact with other Kyriba users is very important to Kyriba as this element of community is invaluable and offers the benefit of a real-life user viewpoint.

The Kyriba client experience is built upon providing clients with our expertise in treasury management and financial systems, developing client communities which provide a forum for Kyriba users to share best practices with other users. For Kyriba, the development of Kyriba Social is a natural next step that offers significant developments within our client experience program. As we continue to build additional elements into our client experience, the goal is the same – to ensure our clients always have a great interaction with each and every experience with a Kyriba team member.

Through Kyriba Social, our clients can really share their experiences, provide suggestions as to product and service enhancements and help to define key initiatives that they would like to see Kyriba deliver.

You can read a full press release on the announcement in our news room, and see what the industry has to say about it over at iTreasurer.

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