Modern Treasury Management and Beyond at Kyriba Live! 2017

By Daniel Shaffer September 7, 2017

The boundaries of modern treasury management are rapidly expanding as a result of global CFOs’ mandate to reduce loss with improved risk management solutions, and to unlock value with optimized cash management and working capital solutions such as supply chain finance. Innovative treasury practitioners and Kyriba, the No. 1 cloud platform for treasury and finance, are behind the evolution of the modern treasurer. The rate of departure from traditional treasury operations is rapidly increasing, and common manual practices that may have been sufficient just five years ago are no longer viable, not only because of the inherent risk exposures, but also because of lost opportunities related to lack of cash visibility and ability to navigate volatile currency markets.

This year’s agenda for Kyriba Live!, our annual customer conference scheduled for Sept. 10-12 in Atlanta, focuses on innovative approaches to modern treasury and finance challenges from leaders who are using Kyriba’s finance and treasury cloud solutions to go beyond the status quo and unlock strategic value at their organization. Client and partner experts such as Spotify, Sempra Energy, Brightstar, Delphi Automotive, Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC), Deloitte, EY, Oracle + NetSuite, and many more will present on a comprehensive range of topics, from cash forecasting and hedge accounting, to payments and working capital optimization. 

The exceptional list of client and partner workshops at Kyriba Live! will help increase awareness of how Kyriba’s treasury solutions are driving change in the industry and help attendees bring back critical information to improve their organization.  Kyriba subject matter experts will also participate in the workshops and continue to raise awareness of the impact of payments fraud and why treasurers need to participate in fraud prevention at their company. Below are several highlights of the conference workshops and topics. View the full agenda here.

Highlights of Client Workshops

  • Spotify will discuss derivative valuations and hedge accounting with Kyriba, including regulations such as FAS133 and IFRS9 that require extensive compliance and reporting.
  • Sempra Energy and Oil States International will present how automation eliminates burdensome processes, but frees up time so treasury professionals can unlock value in other areas.
  • HCSC is an award winning high performance treasury team. In their session, HCSC will explain how they became a strategic treasury operation and how Kyriba helped them get there.

Highlights of Partner Workshops

  • Deloitte Advisory explores the future of treasury in a digital world. From cloud computing and robotics to analytics and artificial intelligence, a new class of digital disruptors is transforming how business gets done.
  • EY presents why we should not view robots as a threat. Instead, we should embrace them as an opportunity to focus on more strategic and creative tasks that can drive value in the treasury function.
  • Oracle + NetSuite uncovers the complexities of accounting regulation changes since Sarbanes Oxley such as IFRS 15 and ASC 606. The changing revenue recognition guidelines that are required as of Dec. 31, 2017 will affect every aspect of business.
  • The Accenture team will examine three common perspectives of cash forecasting and how to maximize forecasting capabilities with Kyriba, including variance reporting and trend analysis.
  • Actualize Consulting demonstrates how a platform utilization study (PLUS) can show attendees what features may help create even more value for their company.
  • FiTech reveals integration between platforms and ERP automation as the key to our digital future. Marking the advantages of a fully integrated cloud solution for electronic data exchange and data aggregation.
  • GPFX Consultants will share a proven methodology to reduce foreign exchange-related risks and costs when doing business internationally.
  • ICD will demonstrate the depth of the Kyriba/ICD integration, and explore the risk, liquidity, yield and operational characteristics of various treasury investment alternatives.

Kyriba is excited to bring together more than 250 clients partners and Kyriba teams to discuss how they have pushed the boundaries of treasury management at this year’s client and partner conference. The Kyriba team is looking forward to the networking, dialogue and knowledge exchange among colleagues and peers that enables us to prepare now for next year’s challenges and opportunities. 

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