New Research: CFOs Who Embrace Treasury Technology Can Expect Strong ROI

By Erik Bratt December 4, 2017

CFOs who invest in cloud-based treasury management systems can expect to see a 55 percent reduction in idle cash in just one year, while reaping an average of $1.5M in interest benefits over a five-year period, according to updated results from Kyriba’s ongoing business case analyses with dozens of companies in the U.S. and Europe.

In the latest analysis of 57 companies, financial leaders also expect Kyriba to help them improve the performance associated with their foreign exchange hedging programs by 11 percent.

“These results speak directly to the CFO, and are a result of Kyriba’s ability to deliver timely, accurate visibility into both global cash balances and foreign currency fluctuations,” said Remy Dubois, EVP of Worldwide Sales and Marketing at Kyriba. “This is powerful evidence that treasury management is foundational to the modern financial technology stack.”

Kyriba’s business case analysis, offered for free to any qualified prospect, spells out the specific value and ROI that a business could expect to gain from treasury management technology across a number of mission-critical functions. It specifically looks at three areas:

  • Financial ROI – Estimated increases in interest income, decreased interest expenses, reduced banking fees or IT costs, and more.
  • Productivity gains – Reduced time spent on non-value added tasks, i.e., eliminating manual processes for cash positioning, forecast generation, fund transfers, and more.
  • Risk mitigation and controls enhancements – Improved financial controls combined with a reduction in financial and operational risk, FX risk, etc.

Each business case is conducted in a completely transparent manner using the prospect’s own data points and assumptions, according to Dory Malouf, Treasury Operations Value Engineer at Kyriba, who runs the business case analysis program.

The participants in the business case reviews range from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies, and span a number of industry categories, including construction and real estate, retail, manufacturing, financial services, technology, education, and more.

Last month, Kyriba unveiled the first wave of results from its business case analyses, showing similarly impressive ROI from 49 companies, including $3.9 million in total savings over a five-year period; a gain of 464 hours per month in global productivity; and a 4.1-month payback period on Kyriba technology.

“Today’s CFOs are under enormous pressure to reduce risk, protect against loss and optimize cash and working capital,” Malouf said. “It’s rewarding to see how much value they believe Kyriba can deliver in solving these difficult challenges.”

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