Staying ahead of the pack: why we secured funding and what we’re going to do with it

By Jean-Luc Robert August 13, 2013

You may have seen today’s announcement that Kyriba has just secured an additional $18.2 million in funding, both from existing investors as well as a new investor, Daher Capital. This funding will ensure that Kyriba remains the innovation leader in the TMS industry, and continues to invest in developing the best possible treasury solution for current and future clients’ needs.

The treasury management technology market continues to boom as ever-growing numbers of companies realize the need for a more strategic, proactive approach to treasury. As a result, we see huge potential for growth for the industry. In order for Kyriba to enjoy the lion’s share of this growth, we need to ensure that we continue to develop the most innovative, feature-rich products, as well as proving the best client service in the industry. This new funding allows us to make investments in both areas and keep us ahead of the competition.

In just the past year, we have delivered several great innovations in the TMS space, both in the depth of our solution and our product offerings. In Kyriba Mobile, we were the first to develop an iOS app for our clients, enabling treasury teams to escape the shackles of their desks. We also launched Kyriba Pro for mid-market companies, bringing the productivity benefits of our Enterprise platform at an affordable price point for smaller treasury departments. Most recently, we launched our support and community portal, Kyriba Social. Again, this was a first among our peers. It enables our clients to log and track support tickets, share best practices with the Kyriba community, and contribute to the future development of the platform.

In addition to continuing the development of innovative solutions to enhance the customer experience, we will continue to deepen our solution’s functionality in areas such as risk management, bank account management and supply chain finance. As treasury continues to evolve and organizations seek new ways to manage and get the highest returns on the capital reserves, CFOs and treasurers are looking for more powerful and feature-rich tools from their treasury management systems. Kyriba will enable treasury teams to perform a broad range of sophisticated risk, payment and bank account management processes from a single desktop, all while providing the strategic analysis needed to make smarter financials decisions. All of this will be done through a flexible, user-friendly interface

Most importantly, we’re investing in people.  We’re bolstering our technical and development teams, as well as adding headcount in sales and marketing. Take a look at our careers page for more details on how to apply for these positions. If you don’t see a position that fits your skill set, make sure to bookmark the page, and also send in your résumé, so we can contact you if something comes up.

This is a very exciting period for Kyriba. With this investment, we are demonstrating our long-term commitment to the market and the many hundreds of clients we support on a daily basis. We hope you’ll come along for the ride.

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