The Kyriba Implementation Methodology: Roadmap to Success

By Kyriba February 23, 2017

Our clients have asked many questions about our implementation process, and some of the questions are very specific to their project while others are appropriate to all clients. We’ve distilled down the essential questions to help you understand our methodology in advance, and look forward to working on your next project!

Why is the implementation road-map such an important artifact?

An implementation road-map or methodology enables cross-functional teams to efficiently communicate during a system installation project. Out of this methodology comes the milestones and related deliverables that everyone can expect to drive the project to completion.

Our methodology defines common terminology and outlines the stages along with their dependencies to improve the efficiency of the program. For Kyriba projects, because multiple teams are involved such as the Client’s Treasury team, and optionally its IT team, and the Kyriba Professional Services team, having a standardized terminology is crucial to the efficiency of the project and it really simplifies the communication among teams who deliver a project over the course of a 4, 6 or 12 month period. 

How does Kyriba organize the expertise of their consultants?

We define the lead implementation roles for very specific reasons:

  • An Implementation Consultant is the functional expert while a Project Manager is the coordinating lead for the whole team.
  • The primary objective of the Implementation Consultant is to focus on the functional design of the project, and to ensure the Kyriba usage is based on industry best practices. The role of the Project Manager is to focus on the timeline drivers and success metrics while fostering a “one-team culture” with the client. There are obviously other members who play important roles in the project, such as a Client IT analyst, who will help with the ERP integration, or a Kyriba Connectivity Consultant who is responsible for bank and ERP integrations.

How does Kyriba define the Project Management function?

A Project Manager is responsible for building and maintaining a project schedule (project plan), and ensure that progress is visible to all. He or she must measure the progress through focus on delivery of products rather than just completed activities. We promote a proactive management approach among our Project Managers. It is important to continually evaluate the project viability based on the agreed upon business objectives.

The Project Management responsibility is a joint effort between the Kyriba PM and the Client PM, and requires ongoing dialogue to communicate with both sides of the project. It is common to expect weekly or Bi-weekly status calls, and monthly steering calls run by the PMs with the business stakeholders from both companies.

It is worth noting that most IT projects fail because of people issues rather than problems with the technology. With that understanding, we encourage as much communication as possible to ensure clear expectation setting as a mitigation strategy. Thus the partnership between Kyriba’s PM and Functional lead with the client team’s own PM and business owners through the project life is essential to driving a rewarding technology implementation.

What is going on behind the scenes during an implementation?

Once we have an agreement of the project requirements and specifications, Kyriba will configure the database and application accordingly. This configuration work is the only time when the client is not directly hands on. The client will always have full access to the database, and will have to provide the data to populate the database in order to complete the validation process. With the complete database, the client can begin training on Kyriba functionalities. We understand our clients do not want to have consultants living in their offices for an indefinite period of time, and we want our clients to be self-sufficient as soon as possible. 

Kyriba’s goal is to work closely with the client throughout the implementation process so the client can easily transition into and begin using their Kyriba solutions. Our consultants are available as guides and coaches as needed. 

We are pleased to partner with our clients in their success. With more than 1,500 client Go-Lives, we have developed a proven methodology at Kyriba. We value and enjoy creating a “one-team culture” at Kyriba. In fact we feel that your success is our success! As our projects come to a close, we mark the Go-Live with a celebration, and we want to ensure each and every one of our projects and partnerships are a success.

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