The treasury technology analyst landscape: redux

By Kyriba November 17, 2014

When I first started working at Kyriba a couple of years ago, there were still relatively few analysts who covered the treasury technology space, and objective research was similarly hard to come by. However, as ever-growing number of organizations are looking to treasury management systems to boost their treasury teams’ ability to deliver strategic value, interest in the space has picked up significantly. As a result, the number of industry analysts in the field continues to grow, as does the amount of coverage of the industry.

A few months ago, we put out a post talking about the landscape for analysts in the treasury space. Since then, it seems like analysts’ interest in treasury has grown significantly, along with fields such as supply chain finance (SCF). So, now is a great time to update our list of available research and also the analysts whose opinion could be useful if you are either wondering which vendors to include in your RFP, or are closing in on a decision and need to validate your choice.

Research reports

Although much of the work that analysts produce is password-protected for paying clients, here are a few free resources that could be useful if you want to get an understanding of how analysts view the treasury market and the key players within it. As analysts’ coverage of the market continues to grow, we will link to research and insight once it becomes available:

IDC: Worldwide Treasury and Risk Management Applications 2014–2018 Forecast and 2013 Vendor Shares

Aberdeen Group: The Integrated Approach to Treasury and Risk: Achieving Greater Returns through Automation and Visibility

Celent: Treasury Management: Origins and Directions

Apps Run The World: Apps Run Treasury

Key analysts

Shown below are who we see as the most influential and respected analysts who cover the industry. While some of these are “pure” treasury / SCF analysts, others cover treasury to an extent as part of a broader remit. Those with a focus on treasury and risk have a * and those who focus more on supply chain finance have a ** (and obviously those who cover both have */**). Not only are these analysts useful to consult with if you’re looking for a treasury platform, but they’re also knowledgeable on treasury and financial / business applications in general, so are well worth following via their Twitter feeds and / or blogs.

Aberdeen Group: Nick Castellina*, research director (Twitter)

Aite GroupEnrico Camerinelli*/**, research director (Twitter)

Apps Run The WorldAlbert Pang*, president (Twitter)

Blue Hill Research: Scott Pezza**, research director (Twitter)

Celent: Jim O’Neill*, senior analyst (Blog)

Forrester Research: Andrew Bartels*, vice president (Blog), Paul Hamerman*, vice president (Blog / Twitter)

Gartner: Nigel Rayner*, research vice president, Fabio Chesini*/**, research director (Twitter), Koji Motoyoshi*, research director (Twitter – mainly in Japanese)

IDC: Christine Dover*/**, research director (Twitter), Michael Versace*/**, global research director (Twitter)

Ventana Research: Rob Kugel*, SVP and research director (Blog / Twitter)

Vital Analysis: Brian Sommer*, president (Blog / Twitter)

Note: For privacy’s sake, we’re not listing any personal contact information, but if you reach out to the analyst firms, they will be able to advise you on reaching the individual.

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