Top 10 Reasons to Partner With Kyriba

By Erik Bratt March 30, 2018

Kyriba continues to experience record sales, thanks to a growing legion of global CFOs and senior leaders who are embracing treasury-led finance transformation. Kyriba isn’t content to share in this success alone, however, and is committed to bringing strategic partners along for the ride. In fact, now couldn’t be a better time for a broad range of partners, including ERPs, management consulting firms, systems integrators, banks, resellers and more, to join up with Kyriba to take advantage of a unique market opportunity. Here’s why:

  1. Finance transformation is top of mind – For today’s CFOs, finance transformation isn’t a matter of if, but when. There is no better place to begin that transformation than treasury management, a low risk, high-yield part of the business that can actually help fund downstream digitization of the entire financial process.
  2. The market opportunity is big, really big – The market for treasury and risk management, payments and supply chain finance, all capabilities within Kyriba’s leading cloud platform, is already at $312B and growing, according to research from Apps Run the World. However, unlike the market for strategic finance applications (planning, budgeting, forecasting), which is already well established, the market for cash and liquidity focused applications is still coalescing and ripe with opportunity for savvy organizations.
  3. Kyriba is #1 – Earlier this year, technology analyst firm IDC positioned Kyriba as the category leader in its latest MarketScape for worldwide treasury and risk management applications for 2017-18. Kyriba currently has 1,800 clients, including 230 net new customers within the last year alone, in more than 100 countries.
  4. It’s all about Liquidity Performance Management (LPM) – CFOs can accelerate their transformation and better empower their teams through an evolved form of treasury management that focuses on using real-time visibility into cash, liquidity and risk exposure to power and protect the business in an increasingly volatile global market. LPM, as delivered by Kyriba, seamlessly combines elements of cash and risk management, payments and working capital.
  5. More than generous revenue sharingAs announced last month, qualified partners in the highest tier can earn up to 40 percent of bookings in the first year, and 20 percent of recurring revenue for life of the contract. These high-tier partners also get first right of refusal for 100 percent of revenue streams covering professional services.
  6. An expanded ‘hard deck’ in key markets – In North America, the UK, France and Japan, the ‘hard deck’ – the amount set aside exclusively for partners to handle – has been raised to companies with one billion or less in revenue (local currency equivalent). Every other global region will be sold exclusively through partners.
  7. Comprehensive partner training and certification – Partners can take advantage of Kyriba’s world-class product training and onboarding, including ongoing shadowing in the field, to ensure that partners are able to hit the ground running and provide the highest levels of service to joint customers.
  8. Upfront commitment: staffing, not cash – Kyriba requires no upfront cash payments to sign up as a strategic partner, virtually unheard of in the industry. For example, many major software vendors require partners to make six-figure investments in advance. Instead, Kyriba only requires partners to commit to staff the program, to ensure quick traction and mutual success.
  9. Strong investment in partner protection – Kyriba has established clear rules of engagement with its own direct sales team to avoid potential conflict. In addition, Kyriba continues to make strong, double-digit investment in research and development to expand its global market leadership and fuel continued innovation.
  10. More than a company, a community – Kyriba is more than a technology company, it’s a community of customer-led innovators (there are more than 65,000 active Kyriba users), thought leaders, experts and more. Partners don’t just get access to this community, they become part of it, helping driving value and vision through their technology and services. Nowhere is this more apparent than our Kyriba Live! user conferences, where the entire Kyriba community shows up en masse.

With many global CFOs looking to modernize their finance operations to gain efficiency and speed of execution, the trend toward effective cash and liquidity performance management will only continue to rise. Partners who want to get in the ground floor of a lucrative opportunity, should consider Kyriba as a highly strategic engagement. For more information, email or call [email protected].

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