Top 19 Kyriba Posts of 2015

By Daniel Shaffer January 5, 2016

What really mattered to treasurers and finance professionals who followed Kyriba’s blog and social posts in 2015? According to number of page-views and link clicks, fraud and risk management topped the list; cash management strategies and supply chain finance were next; followed by benefits of treasury management solutions; and then a relatively open category that we’ll call innovation. The most read and shared stories mirrored trending and technical news for and about financial professionals. Kyriba’s top 19 posts of 2015 illustrate a range of interesting happenings: (1) treasurers were focused on protecting their assets in a volatile global market; and (2) protecting against the threat of increasingly sophisticated cyber-crimes; (3) strategies to mobilize internal cash in advance of rising interest rates, and (4) evidence of success from corporates who are enabled by technology.

Here is the list of Kyriba’s most popular posts in 2015:

Fraud and risk management

Cash management strategies and supply chain finance

TMS overview


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