Video: How Ryerson Reaps the Benefits of a Modern Treasury Management System

By Daniel Shaffer May 23, 2018

Ryerson, a leading supplier and processor of metals headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, brought on Kyriba in 2014 to streamline manual processes and add visibility and controls to its treasury operations. Now with a modern treasury management solution in place, the treasury team is better equipped to deliver timely decision support and reporting to help drive the business.

“The auditors love coming to ask us questions because they know they can get a report they can use in a matter of minutes,” said Lina Rauh, senior treasury manager for Ryerson. “We have better internal controls, we have better SOX controls, and we are able to provide better visibility into everything we do for our top executives.”

For example, one of the functions of the treasury team is to provide a daily cash position. In order to do this, it was necessary to jump from one bank portal to another– a long and tedious process. With Kyriba, the treasury team is able to see hundreds of bank accounts in just minutes, Rauh said.  

At Kyriba Live! 2018 in Phoenix Arizona, Kyriba interviewed Rauh to learn more about the benefits her team gained from implementing a world-class treasury management solution. Check out the brief video interview below:


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