What to read to stay updated and relevant in the treasury space?

By Kyriba January 19, 2015

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to attend the EuroFinance Cash, Treasury and Risk Management Conference. During a networking break, one of the interesting conversations was around “What to read to stay updated and relevant in the treasury space?” I was amid a group of bankers, global treasurers, independent consultants, product vendors and technology solution providers. It was an interesting discussion since it highlighted multiple perspectives on the question. In good humor, one treasurer highlighted that “Treasurers don’t really have time to read. They are working with real dollars, and time is money.”  A product vendor highlighted that there are too many treasury related publications, and so it becomes hard to really keep track. And a banker highlighted that a treasurer’s world is so complex and multi-dimensional that there are so many things to keep track off. I guess all the above opinions are right!

Ever since I started working on treasury solutions, I can definitely say that the world of a corporate treasurer is complex, dynamic and multi-disciplinary. Here’s why.

The corporate treasury office is affected by external and internal factors, and hence it is critical to be in-tune with very many aspects to stay relevant, competitive, deliver effectively today and future-proof the company against the VUCA (Volatile Uncertain Complex and Ambiguous) world of tomorrow.

External factors include macro-economic issues, geo-political trends, global financial implications, industry trends, regulations and compliance, currency volatility, multi-dimensional risks and many more factors.

Internal factors include the role definition of a corporate treasurer and the increasing expectations of the treasury office. Key among them are:

  • Treasury is a corporate level function: It cuts across all enterprise functions, geographies and businesses, and hence it is imperative for the corporate treasury to know, understand and work closely with different (global) groups / teams to ensure financial well-being of an enterprise.
  • Treasury is a multi-disciplinary function: Treasury is at the interplay of business, technology, process, people, procedure, operations and systems. Treasury operations span across front-office, middle-office and back-office, with each office using different systems / products, people and processes. Treasury functions span across Cash and Liquidity Management, Payments Management, Risk Management and next generation payments / emerging technology solutions. Treasury technology / systems typically involve integration / interaction with banks software, market information systems and in-house technology landscape for data and information.
  • Treasury is an evolving function: Ever since the 2008 financial crisis, the role of a corporate treasurer is evolving, and the expectations and boundaries are expanding every day, so a treasurer needs to have the required knowledge, skills and staff to deliver against these evolving expectations.

I’m sure you’ll agree that the world of the corporate treasurer is complex and complicated.

Now coming back to why I even started writing this post. As we start 2015, many of us review our learning plans and reading lists. I know I do.

In this post, I’m sharing with you my go-to treasury related resources which I’ve been reading all through 2014 and found them useful to stay updated and relevant in the treasury space. I plan to read them through 2015 too!

Treasury Analysts

The team at Kyriba did an excellent post on the leading treasury analysts last year. Click here to find the list of treasury analysts to follow

Hope you found this compilation useful. My best practice has been to create a Twitter list of these profiles and follow them. That way you can get the latest news and updates delivered to you at real-time and through any device you may be carrying!

Whom / What do you read to stay relevant and updated in the treasury space? Is it listed above? Yes / No? Leave a comment to let us know.

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