Fact Sheet

Kyriba インハウスバンキング (IHB)

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For companies with complex funding, procurement, FX, or cash and liquidity management activities, managing these without technology is challenging to say the least. Kyriba’s In-House Banking (IHB) platform gives organizations the control to create optimal concentration, pooling, intercompany, and netting arrangements to access more liquidity faster and more cost-effectively.

With Kyriba’ IHB capabilities, you are able to provide internal banking services to all your business units. Our flexible data structure allows you to customize your accounts, entities, structures, and workflows based on your business needs. We give our clients efficient cash concentration, cash pooling with support for multi-currency pools, regulated and non-regulated structures, and multi-tier netting hierarchies.

IHB Features and Benefits

Kyriba allows you to increase cash visibility and control with a full-featured In-House Banking module that creates greater access to cash pools and reduces costs overall in the procurement and receivables cycles. Our clients transition from point-in-time and end-of-month balances to real-time visibility into liquidity. This allows for better forecasting and more informed decision-making. Our IHB solution delivers efficiency through reductions in physical bank accounts and consolidated reporting across regional treasury or finance transactional centers.

Whether your pooling or cash concentration is managed directly by the bank or in-house, Kyriba’s application automatically posts and tracks IHB movements from physical and notional pooling structures. Key features include:

  • Pooling and Concentration Our capabilities increase visibility and benefits of centralized cash in real-time, creating a streamlined, efficient dashboard with views into all your global cash. IHB transactions are created from cash or non-cash transactions.
  • POBO (payments-on-behalf-of) Arrangements The IHB executes makes payments for operating companies and debits to those companies’ intercompany accounts.
  • ROBO (receipt-on-behalf-of) Arrangements The IHB’s bank account receives payments for operating companies and credits to their intercompany accounts.
  • Real-time Reporting and Tracking View all IHB balances by subsidiary and currency pair, when applicable. Affiliates can inquire on their internal and external balances, account and interest statements, and internal deals.

In-House Banking Diagram