Kyriba Mobile

Extending Kyriba’s benefits to your iPad and iPhone


How many times have you been sitting in a meeting, when you've been asked to pull up some financial data, or you've been out of the office and an email has come through from your team that you need to authorize payments before the banks close for the day? With most treasury management solutions, you need to go back to your workstation to access the information or execute the payment.

With Kyriba Mobile, simply log on through your iOS device and access your treasury platform without needing to leave your seat. Kyriba Mobile is the first native treasury application for iPad and iPhone that extends core treasury management functionality to mobile devices, helping you to make informed financial decisions and execute time-sensitive tasks while away from your desk.

Kyriba Mobile is free for Kyriba clients from the Apple AppStore, and is compatible with all iPads and iPhones running iOS 7.0 or higher. Click here from your iOS device to access Kyriba Mobile in the Apple App Store.