Kyriba and BRED Partnership Offers Option of Using EBICS or SWIFTNet

February 7, 2012

Paris, France – April 13, 2010 – Kyriba, the leader of the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cash and treasury management solutions, and BRED Banque Populaire are pleased to announce that their customers can now communicate in either the EBIC Protocol, or by FIN messaging on the SWIFTNet FileAct network.

The migration flows that companies and institutions use to trade are currently under Etebac protocol; however, this protocol will not be usable after September 2011, due to the X25 maintenance and development of SEPA formats and UNIFI. New workflows through different protocols need to be developed and established for many companies. Two alternatives are already available and operational for Kyriba users and BRED customers; connection using the EBICS protocol which was successfully tested last November, or connection via SWIFTNet service bureau (maintained by BRED).

“This validates the financial exchange quality of the protocol with Kyriba before going into production with our customers,” said Patrick Godet, Account Management Director, Kyriba Europe.

“We are continuing our commitment to personalized customer companies and institutions regardless of their projects, technical and functional environments,” stated Pascale Blanchard, Head of Marketing with BRED.

About BRED
BRED Banque Populaire ( established in Ile de France, Normandy, is the largest regional bank of Banque Populaire Group overseas. Bred Banque Populaire combines communicative advantages of a small bank with the resources of a major institution. This includes their competency with banker’s large reference remitters (i.e. retail, social agencies, power distribution, telecom operators …). BRED is recognized in the banking world for its innovative capabilities that result in services with high added value, particularly in the field of electronic commerce.