Kyriba Brings Treasury Management Best Practices to the Mid-Market

February 25, 2013

Kyriba Pro automates tasks, improves financial controls, and delivers cash visibility and forecasting

SAN DIEGO – February 26, 2013Kyriba, the leader in cloud-based treasury management solutions, has launched Kyriba Pro, providing a wide range of cash visibility, productivity and control tools to mid-market treasurers and CFOs. The solution incorporates deep functionality at an attractive price point for smaller corporate treasury departments.

Kyriba Pro is based on the company’s industry-leading, cloud-based treasury management platform, Kyriba Enterprise. Kyriba Pro was developed specifically for mid-market companies, enabling treasurers and CFOs to streamline and automate daily treasury management tasks, improve cash forecasting and visibility, and make more informed financial decisions.

Key features of Kyriba Pro include:

  • Accurate, automated cash forecasting
  • Automated preparation and reconciliation of daily cash positions
  • Investment tracking and management
  • Short-term debt tracking and management
  • Streamlined accounting

“Large corporations have benefited from sophisticated and integrated treasury management systems, which leverage technology to transfer data into business intelligence and enable the treasury to become a valuable partner to the business,” said Laurie McCulley, partner at independent treasury management consulting firm, Treasury Strategies. “In contrast, medium-sized companies still rely heavily on spreadsheet and other standalone tools, which are time-intensive and lead to errors. In view of increased globalization and mid-market complexity, these processes are a serious weakness. Now, with cloud-based solutions such as Kyriba Pro, all that is changing. Medium-sized organizations can now reap the same benefits that large companies garner. Process automation, improved cash visibility, enhanced decision making and business analytics are now available to these companies at a reasonable cost.”

“We created Kyriba Pro in direct response to market demand for a streamlined version of our Kyriba platform,” said Jean-Luc Robert, chairman and CEO of Kyriba. “Many mid-market companies face unique treasury management challenges which cannot be addressed with existing solutions. Kyriba Pro fits the needs of the mid-market by offering the functionality and tools that these organizations require, at an attractive price point. As Kyriba Pro is a 100 percent SaaS platform, clients can be up and running, see cost savings and optimize their working capital in a matter of weeks.”

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