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Kyriba on Fox Business Network: How Rising Interest Rates Impact Cash Flow and Revenue Forecasts

September 20, 2022

The US dollar is stronger than almost every currency in the world. While this impacts trade by making it more expensive to buy US goods, it has the effect of increased foreign investments in US based Treasury bonds – this activity also drives a strong dollar against a basket of global currencies. In a recent interview on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria”, Kyriba Senior Strategist Wolfgang Koester points to value as the guide for investors. “Investors need to go back to value, look for companies that are managing cash flows and have the ability to forecast revenues and earnings,” he says.

As the Fed continues to raise interest rates amid an already volatile market, Finance chiefs require more advanced solutions to protect and optimize liquidity. A few questions to ask: how are risk managers adjusting to rapidly changing interest rates? What do risk managers need to minimize the cost of hedging and be more resilient to currency headwinds? How can business leaders gain more confidence in their liquidity forecast to improve the health of their balance sheet and cash flow?

For more information, watch the full interview on Fox Business Network and check out the related resources below.