Kyriba Significantly Enhances Risk Management Features

February 8, 2012

San Diego, CA, November 5, 2011 – Kyriba Significantly Enhances Risk Management Features to Offer Full Cash, Treasury, and Risk Management Solution Predicting and optimizing financials risks is intricate to the success of treasurers and finance directors. Kyriba provides a reliable, secure and integrated approach for risk management

Kyriba, the established leader in cash and treasury management solutions, significantly enhanced its risk management capabilities with the recent release of version 11.1.
Kyriba 11.1 Highlights included:

  • Expanded Mark-to-Market functions for all financial instruments
  • Increased support for Scenario Testing and Sensitivity Analysis, including yield curve modification
  • Added Hedge Effectiveness Module for prospective and retrospective effectiveness testing

“The Treasury function has evolved considerably during the past few years and it was natural that Kyriba innovated to deliver more sophisticated tools to manage exposures and risks. It was important for our clients that they could rely on Kyriba for cash, treasury, and risk management instead of having to maintain multiple systems for some of their needs”, noted Bob Stark, VP Marketing Strategy at Kyriba.
Kyriba clients now enjoy a wealth of Risk Management features and benefits including:
Financial Risk Management

  • Mark-to-Market valuations – Kyriba users can compute the independent market value of all financial instruments tracked in the system. Valuations are calculated based on the Kyriba Market Data Service (included with the system) or from source data imported from external providers.
  • FX Exposure Management – Kyriba’s FX Position Worksheet allows users to analyze compliance with internal hedging policies driven by sophisticated tracking of currency exposures and FX transactions. Exposures can be imported from the ERP and/or other internal systems.
  • Sensitivity Analysis – Kyriba supports modification of currency and interest rate curves so that users can analyze the sensitivity of different FX and Interest Rate projections, including parallel and variable yield curve shifts. Multiple scenarios can be applied allowing many valuations to be analyzed per financial transaction.
  • Hedge Effectiveness Testing – Kyriba added Prospective and Retrospective Hedge Effectiveness Testing as part of a new module focused on helping clients comply with Hedge Accounting standards in the US and globally. Users have flexibility in testing methods and hedge documentation to meet their auditors’ requirements.

Counterparty Risk Management

  • Counterparty exposure reporting – Kyriba clients can also manage their overall financial relationships with banks and counterparties by tracking all transactions, including trades, credit availability, and bank activity. Treasuries can report on exposures, deals, and activity by counterparty or compare across all counterparties.
  • Deal Limit monitoring and enforcement – Kyriba offers full counterparty and internal limit management for all financial transactions. Users can structure limits by counterparty, by deal type, by rating, and other criteria to ensure that internal trading policies are effectively managed. Limits can either prevent deals from being completed or serve as a warning.