Students of the IGR-IAR Masters of Finance-Treasury Program are in their 4th Year Using Kyriba

February 7, 2012

Paris, France – December 17, 2009 – Kyriba Corporation is pleased to announce that it is training the treasurers of tomorrow for the 4th consecutive year. The students of the IGR-IAR of Rennes, Master of Finance- Treasury program are receiving a specialized education in a rapidly changing world of financial services, banks and insurance companies.

Kyriba is especially interested in this academic year, as graduates of the Master of Finance-Treasury program enter the labor market and contribute with their training in the Kyriba solution. Nicolas Meynier, Anthony Udin and Paul-Yves Letournel share their feelings on the new adventures ahead of them and the skills acquired in the IGR-IAE program.

Kyriba’s ease of use makes it an ergonometric and intuitive tool. During my training in the RMI, we discussed the configuration of the tool and I have noticed that it is easily adaptable and customizable to any type of structure.” Nicholas Meynier, recently hired as a junior treasurer in the Fives Group, cites.

Anthony Udin, recently hired in the Finance Department at Colas, explains, “Kyriba, as a major player in the treasury solutions market was a very interesting tool to gain expertise in, both for ourselves and for our prospective employers. I had the opportunity to intern in at the Colas Group, a company that has used the Kyriba platform since 2005. My training enabled me to adapt more quickly to the work environment, as the basic knowledge of the actual functioning of cash management proved itself valuable in managing a large business’ cash.”

“We believe that student access to our platform helps them better understand the daily life of a treasurer or a treasury team and makes them capable of tackling the next challenge faster and easier with Kyriba when they are employed. We are keen to provide these keys to success for the students as they enter the labor market, particularly in the current economic climate,” says Patrick Godet, Director of Account Management Europe, Kyriba SEMEA.

Paul-Yves Letournel, currently seeking employment, has found that, “the education received at the IGR on the Kyriba solution is a true competitive advantage for both our research internship and/or employment. Even if the company does not use the Kyriba solution, we have concrete knowledge of the functioning and work flow of such a tool.

“Having already used this tool during my internship, I find that today, with the Fives Group, I can personalize this tool perfectly to provide the flow codes, budget codes, or different customizable filters that allow us to access the group’s cash position,” states Nicolas Meynier.

Unanimously, our students, the new treasurers to the market, are convinced of the soundness of the association between IGR-IAE of Rennes and Kyriba,” concludes Marc Gaugin, Director of the Master of Finance-Treasury program of the IGR-IAE of Rennes.

About the Institute of Management Rennes, IAE, University of Rennes
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