What’s Paying Off: Finance Executives Talk About Highly Tailored Reports They’ve Built Inhouse

October 10, 2012


Treasury decision making is getting better, aided by reports that key on real drivers and present actionable analyses. However, a survey of practitioners shows the most useful reports are not necessarily high-tech, vendor-delivered or graphically sophisticated, but homegrown and highly tailored.

Using a Kyriba treasury workstation and several applications built in-house, $1.5 billion Fifth & Pacific (formerly Liz Claiborne) in New York now tightly manages borrowings under its asset-backed line of credit, reports John Engeman, assistant treasurer and vice president. Separate cash, debt and borrowing base forecasts are combined into a “borrowing base availability forecast that predicts how much we can borrow without jeopardizing availability covenants,” he says. “This report is reviewed regularly with the CFO and used to plan the amounts and timing of cash flows.”