Payables Finance Solutions

Creating Value for Suppliers to Increase the Overall Health of Your Supply Chain


Optimize Working Capital

Kyriba helps CFOs and senior strategic leaders boost free cash flow and improve EBITDA with supply chain finance solutions that aid in extending payment terms and enable better working capital management.

Our robust payables finance solutions combine scalable technology, expert teams and key services such as working capital analysis, program design and supplier on-boarding.


Boost Free Cash Flow and Profitability

To combat the mounting pressures of generating additional cash flow and improving bottom line value with return on investments, Kyriba provides dynamic discounting and supply chain finance solutions that benefit both buyers and suppliers, and empower treasury and procurement to work hand-in-hand to deliver working capital improvements.

Making the Business Case for Supply Chain Finance & Dynamic Discounting
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When we looked into it, we really found that supply chain finance and dynamic discounting are a win-win situation for all parties. On the supplier side it provides invoice transparency [and] reliability payments. On the buyer side [...] it provides the client the ability to hold onto their cash."
Kristopher Kagan Vice President - Finance/HR,

Supply Chain Finance

To free up capital tied up in working capital, organizations can utilize supply chain finance, also known as reverse factoring.

Supply chain finance gives suppliers the flexibility to “sell” approved invoices to financial institutions for a discount that is dependent on the credit risk of the buyers and is agreed upon in advance.

Using supply chain finance as an alternative means of financing helps buyers improve payment terms to increase free cash flow.


Dynamic Discounting

Early payment discount programs enable buyers to generate high returns on free cash, reduce cost of goods sold (COGS) through discounts and grow profit and EBITDA margins.

Suppliers and buyers collaborate directly in Kyriba’s portal to nominate and approve invoices for early payment with full transparency and reporting to both parties.

Multiple program types can be simultaneously supported to allow third party funding to be leveraged during periods when buyers do not have the excess liquidity, offering a seamless experience to suppliers.


"The feedback from suppliers that joined the program has been unanimously positive. We have met their expectations in terms of visibility, simplicity, transparency, independence and attractiveness."

CEO of Retail Services, Multinational Management Consulting Company

Benefits of a Payables Finance Solution

For suppliers, both supply chain finance and dynamic discounting result in:

  • Increased cash flow (supplier decrease DSO)
  • Enhanced cash visibility/predictability
  • Access to an additional source of funding
  • Improved visibility over invoices and payments
  • Improved supplier and buyer relationships
  • Inject liquidity into your supply chain

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