Payment Management

Kyriba Payment Management enables clients to initiate, approve and release payments to any of their banks globally.

Kyriba Payment Management provides a level of control and confidence unmatched by other vendors through powerful approval and notification workflows, secure transmissions, and processing of bank acknowledgements that the payment has been processed. 

Kyriba Payment Management enables the organization’s cash movement securely and with confidence.  

Kyriba Payment Management provides additional capabilities that allow clients to establish a centralized payment factory, supporting payments of any type, direct debit, draft payables, draft receivables and SEPA direct debits, and netting.

With Kyriba Payment Management, organizations have better visibility into outgoing cash flows, improve their effectiveness, and reduce costs associated with making treasury and third party payments, while minimizing their exposure to fraud through powerful workflow capabilities.

Features of Kyriba Payment Management include:

  • Payment Factories
  • Netting
  • Direct Debits
  • Draft Payables 
  • Draft Receivables
  • SEPA Mandates

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