Trade Solutions

Kyriba’s Trade Solutions modules enable our clients to optimize working capital and support early payment programs to strategic suppliers.  


Kyriba Trade Solutions delivers a unique set of capabilities not offered by other treasury management systems, enabling our clients to work their capital through dynamic discounting and supply chain finance programs.

Supply Chain Finance

Supply Chain Finance, also known as reverse factoring, is an early payment program that allows buyers to leverage their credit relationship with banks or other lenders to facilitate financing of early payments to global suppliers. Kyriba’s Supply Chain Finance module connects buyers, suppliers, and banks/financers on a single, integrated cloud platform to optimize financing of working capital.

Dynamic Discounting

Kyriba’s dynamic discounting solution supports organizations in managing self-funded early payment discount programs for their suppliers, representing a “cash optimization” opportunity. Kyriba connects buyers and suppliers on a single, integrated cloud platform to optimize implied cash returns and suppliers’ working capital.

Kyriba Trade Solutions enables our clients leverage to leverage their cash position to improve their profitability, while strengthening their supply chain.