Active Liquidity

  • Expand the abilities of treasury and finance, using liquidity as a lever to build value
  • Extend visibility and controls to see more, protect better, and take action to create value
  • Transform data into intelligence and drive action to maximize enterprise value

Balancing Growth and Risk
Balancing growth and risk management has never been more challenging. On the one hand, CFOs want to forge ahead and fund growth initiatives. On the other, unpredictable and disruptive events keep CFOs operating from a conservative—even defensive—posture.

The Kyriba Active Liquidity Network helps corporations actively balance growth and risk, thanks to real-time visibility, connectivity and data-driven intelligence.

Treasurers also tend to be cautious in their approach. Lacking real-time visibility into all available cash, bank balances, investments and exposures, there’s no choice but to keep cash on the sidelines to ensure liquidity stays intact.

Introducing Active Liquidity
Active Liquidity is a new, strategic approach to treasury and finance that leverages a broad set of automated processes and analytical insights to achieve better financial outcomes, even in volatile markets. It delivers capabilities that allow corporations to see, move, and protect financial resources, effectively optimizing cash generation and preservation.

The Kyriba Active Liquidity Network
The Kyriba Active Liquidity Network is a group of connected, integrated systems and applications that enable the Active Liquidity model. This includes best-in-class internal functionality spanning treasury, risk, payments and working capital, connected with vital external partners and information sources such as banks, ERPs, trading platforms, market data, analytics and more.

The Active Liquidity Network delivers a wider scope of financial visibility—full cash transparency across the enterprise, in real time. Cash can be freed up, pooled, and used to activate new opportunities around investments, growth and risk management.

With accurate, comprehensive and real-time data, CFOs and treasurers can use artificial intelligence, analytics and business intelligence to help drive better financial decisions and activate better financial outcomes every day.

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Enterprise Liquidity

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