Cash Management & Liquidity Optimization – T&R Alexander Hamilton Awards Webinar series

As the global business environment becomes increasingly complex, so does cash management. Successful treasury teams are becoming expert at managing this complexity, and this year’s Alexander Hamilton Award winners in the category Cash Management & Liquidity Optimization epitomize that trend.

Join Treasury & Risk and Kyriba on February 11, 2015, at 11 a.m. ET for a live webcast, during which the Alexander Hamilton Award finalists will describe how they brought their leading-edge projects to fruition:

  •     Learn how Dover Corporation became involved in a People’s Bank of China pilot program that allows the company to automatically sweep excess renminbi between accounts in China and Singapore
  •     Hear what the EMEA treasury team at Honeywell is doing to mitigate the large and varied risks of managing cash in Iraq
  •     And discover how Microsoft is reshaping treasury services as its global business model shifts to focus on smaller customers, many of which are able to pay only in their local currencies

Each of this year’s winning projects demonstrates how a smart treasury team can not only improve a company’s operational efficiency, but also mitigate the wide array of risks that arise in running a complex global organization.

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