CFO THOUGHT LEADER ~ 611: An Acquisitive State of Mind | Jon Nguyen, CFO, Kyriba

Jon Nguyen, CFO, Kyriba
Host & Creator: Jack Sweeney, CFO THOUGHT LEADER

We have built a lot of metrics to monitor our liquidity and our access to liquidity and our cash generation. The reason we did this is because we wanted to be prepared for when we come out of this (pandemic). We want to come out this strong.

We’re taking proactive action toward making sure that our employees are safe. We ordered a lot of N95 masks and are distributing these to employees. We are shut down through November from a physical office location standpoint. We’re protecting them from an employment standpoint. We’re not trimming people’s bonuses or salaries. Really, all that this means is that both from a finance perspective and from an organizational perspective, we will be ready to hit the ground running—fast—when we come out of this. These times have really been a catalyst for organizations to rethink everything that they’ve done over the past 5 years, because the next 5 years, I think, are going to be quite a bit different from what they were during the previous 5 years.

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