CTMcast: Review of Key Recent Posts and Coronavirus Crisis

Jack Large and Ben Poole of CTMfile discuss recent posts and the coronavirus crisis with Bob Stark, VP Strategy, Kyriba.

  • Spike in Swift gpi traffic in 2019
  • New RFP platform from Treasury Delta
  • New angles on cash flow forecasting, including Cashforce’s articles on AI in cash flow forecasting, and how to cobble together solutions
  • Lack of API standards and how the problems caused by banks being overloaded with new payment system projects is holding back innovation
  • How to manage the impact of COVID-19/Coronavirus crisis. Discussion covered:
       1. Legal impacts
       2. Managing volatility
       3. Role of corporate treasurer and TMS

Key timing points
0:54 Spike in Swift gpi traffic in 2019
3:46 Treasury Delta’s RfP production platform
7:56 Cashforce and how to do cash flow forecasting effectively
15:50 Banks are overloaded with payment systems development projects; something has got to give
21:44 How to manage corporate treasury in Cronavirus/COVID-19 crisis
24:15 – Hold onto cash
25:45 – Ten tips on how to solve legal consequences
30:20 – Advisory role of corporate treasury and TMS

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