Developing an Accurate Cash Flow Forecast

The value of an accurate cash forecast is very well understood, but for many organizations the reality of developing an accurate cash forecast seems to be beyond their reach. While most treasury professionals understand the benefits of reducing overdraft facilities to better manage bank costs, finding trapped cash to invest in the business and/or reimburse debt, and optimizing interest income/expense – many are still dealing with the lack of visibility or integration with systems that control banks and their ERP system. Some organizations are still using spreadsheet solutions which leaves them vulnerable to failures that often prove to be very difficult – or even impossible to recover. In this webinar the speaker panel:

  • Addressed some of the common problems associated with developing an accurate cash forecast
  • Provided you with some immediate helpful pointers on how to improve your cash forecast
  • Discussed how to proactively get ahead of those obstacles in order to deliver a more accurate cash forecast that provides true value for your organization

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Why are accurate cash flow forecasts so hard to achieve?

Why are accurate cash flow forecasts so hard to achieve?

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