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Kyriba Performance Maturity Assessment: How PMA Works

Kyriba Performance Maturity Assessment: How PMA Works

Wondering how your treasury and liquidity management processes stack up against your industry peers?

Kyriba’s Performance Maturity Assessment (PMA) is an invaluable tool for any organization looking to improve their treasury and finance practices. This comprehensive consultant-grade engagement aims to provide organizations with a detailed analysis of their current performance and a roadmap for achieving best-in-class status in their industry.

Hundreds of treasury and finance organizations have already taken advantage of this assessment and have been able to uncover potential challenges and opportunities, as well as gain insights into how their practices compare to those of their peers. Watch this short video to see how it works.

Kyriba’s Value Engineering engagement team is comprised of highly-skilled professionals with extensive experience in management consulting, business process transformation, finance, treasury management, and specific industry knowledge. This team utilizes the latest technology and processes to ensure that financial benchmarks, industry best practices, and other relevant information is incorporated into each phase of the Value Engineering cycle.  The Kyriba Value Engineering team deploys over 200 customized client engagements annually.

The entire process is designed to be quick, easy, insightful and collaborative. Here are the key steps:


  • Baseline data collection: suppliers, terms, and AP aging
  • Business process assessment with key stakeholders


  • Business process analysis review
  • Benchmarking and target performance validation
  • Program design steps


  • Executive presentation to CFO or executive sponsor
  • Validated case for change
  • Recommendations
  • Next steps and call to action

More About Kyriba Value Engineering

Kyriba Value Engineering is a team of experts dedicated to partnering with current Kyriba clients and prospective customers to explore, understand, prioritize, justify, monitor and realize business value from treasury management initiatives. Value Engineering follows a structured, well tested, non-intrusive and insightful process to uncover improvement opportunities and quantify expected returns while ensuring business benefits are achieved throughout the lifecycle of your project.

The outcome of a Value Engineering engagement is a detailed, action-oriented plan that shows specific ROI and recommendations. Kyriba has leveraged this process with hundreds of major organizations worldwide, including Koch Industries, Lululemon, Macy’s, Rogers Corp. and many more.

Interested In Learning More? To develop a strategy, business case or roadmap for treasury, please contact Kyriba’s Value Engineering team directly at [email protected].

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