IDC Presents Kyriba with 2020 CSAT Award for Treasury Management

Presented to Kyriba, October 2020

Based on ratings collected in IDC’s 2020 SaaSPath Survey (IDC #US46933620), Kyriba placed in the highest scoring group of vendors serving the SaaS Treasury Management (TM) application market and has been awarded IDC’s 2020 SaaS TM Customer Satisfaction Award.

IDC’s customer satisfaction award program, the CSAT Awards, recognizes the leading software-as-a-service (Saas) vendors in each application market who receive the highest customer satisfaction scores based on IDC’s SaaSPath survey. SaaSPath is a global survey of approximately 2,000 organizations across all geographic regions and company sizes, where customers are asked to rate their vendor on more than 30 different customer satisfaction metrics.

How Customers Rate Kyriba

Figure 1 shows how Kyriba scored in each of the customer satisfaction categories, relative to the overall average scores in each category across all vendors that were reviewed. The inner line represents the overall group averages, while the outside line depicts Kyriba’s scores. Note: All scores have been rounded to the nearest 0.5 for illustration.

FIGURE 1: Kyriba Customer Satisfaction Ratings vs. TM Vendor Average Ratings

IDC Pathsurvery Results 2020

Source: IDC SaaSPath Survey, 2020

Where Customers Say TM Vendors Can Do Better

On average, across all the vendors evaluated in this TM market study, figure 2 illustrates the areas in which technology buyers believe the greatest vendor challenges currently exist. These are not specifically reflective of any one vendor, but rather of all TM vendors averaged together, helping to shed light on areas of opportunity for all TM vendors to consider. TM vendors should take note of these areas and self-evaluate how they can improve their own capabilities in these areas to better serve their customers. Likewise, technology buyers and those considering future TM purchases should proactively discuss these potential problem areas with their prospective vendors upfront during the evaluation process to help minimize any challenges in the future.

FIGURE 2: TM Vendor Vulnerabilities

Treasury Management Vendors Vulnerabilities graphic

Source: IDC SaaSPath Survey, 2020
Note: All scores have been rounded to the nearest 0.5 for illustration.

What’s Behind IDC’s SaaS Award Program

SaaSPath is IDC’s premier SaaS-specific benchmarking survey, providing demand-side guidance on the mind and journey of SaaS buyers, including a deep dive into 15 functional application markets, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, digital commerce, enterprise asset management (EAM), enterprise resource planning (TM), finance, human capital management (HCM), procurement, professional services automation (PSA), sales force automation (TM), supply chain management (SCM), subscription billing, tax, travel and expense (T&E), and treasury and risk.

Coverage includes application adoption, deployment models, budget plans and replacement cycle timing, purchasing preferences and attitudes toward SaaS buying channels, application migration strategy, drivers and inhibitors, packaging and pricing options, and in-depth vendor reviews, ratings, spend and advocacy scores for leading vendors in each of the 15 functional application markets.

The SaaSPath survey is conducted across all geographic regions of the world, all company sizes, includes roughly 55% IT leaders and 45% line of business leaders, and its respondent base ranges from senior managers up through chief experience officers (CXOs). All respondents go through an extensive screening process to ensure they are familiar with the technologies they are being asked about, are current users, and have influence in their company’s technology buying decisions. Further, all customer satisfaction metrics and ratings are collected solely from current customers of the vendors being rated, to ensure scoring reflects up-to-date customer sentiment based on proper vendor familiarity and knowledge. Each customer is asked to rate their primary application vendor on 33 different metrics, including 19 customer satisfaction metrics (see Table 1) and 13 vendor vulnerability categories (see Table 2). These 33 metrics, detailed below, span across 3 main categories of review, including the vendor itself and its relationship with the customer, several aspects of the product’s implementation, and a broad range of assessment examining the product’s usage and value.

TABLE 1: Customer Satisfaction Metrics

Q. Based on your experiences, rate Kyriba as a SaaS TM vendor. Please use a 0–10 scale where 0 is
‘Poor’ and 10 is ‘Excellent’.

Customer Satisfaction Metrics table

Source: IDC SaaSPath, 2020

TABLE 2: Vendor Vulnerabilities

Q. Which of the following issues has your organization experienced with Kyriba as your SaaS TM
vendor? Select all the apply.

Vendor Vulnerabilities table

Source: IDC SaaSPath, 2020

Customer satisfaction ratings and vulnerabilities for each vendor are combined and weighted to determine the leading vendors within each application market.