Kyriba Active Liquidity Platform

  • See consolidated, real-time cash and liquidity
  • Move cash and other financial assets for maximum return and the lowest transaction costs
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    Protect from errors and fraud with automation that supports STP flows across entities
  • Optimize operations via insights and support from business intelligence & analytics

The Leading Enterprise Liquidity Management Solution for Modern CFOs

Balance Growth and Risk with Confidence
The delivery of growth alongside prudent risk management has never been a more challenging proposition. Finance teams are in an increasingly unenviable position of being expected to lead and fund corporate growth initiatives, while also mitigating the potential financial impact of unpredictable events. But these twin commitments no longer need to be in conflict.

Kyriba Active Liquidity Platform is a highly-scalable, fully integrated and modular SaaS application that delivers value across multiple stakeholders. The Active Liquidity Network delivers complete, on-demand financial visibility
and full cash transparency across the enterprise.

An Enterprise Liquidity Management Approach can empower CFOs and Treasurers’ to:

  1. Transform liquidity and the deployment of cash resources into key assets in the enterprise’s financial armoury.
  2. Eradicate cash flow blind spots and other liquidity data impediments, which often limit CFOs to adopting conservative, even defensive, balance sheet postures.
  3. Gain real-time and on-demand visibility of cash, bank balances, investments, payments and working capital to support enhanced decision-making.
  4. Redeploy cash reserves, buffering against possible disruptions to liquidity, to productive use.

At the heart of this approach is reimagined connectivity to internal and external monetary resources. Harnessing a fully digitalized “liquidity network”, enables finance teams to leverage and aggregate liquidity data to liberate previously constrained operations.

Kyriba’s Active Liquidity Network
Kyriba’s Active Liquidity Network underpins the Platform, providing a deep library of supported connectivity to ERPs and other internal systems, as well as to third-party banks, suppliers and other external counterparties. Leveraging the latest API standards and certified practises, liquidity data is centralized, providing a single ‘cash centric’ view upon which to operate, analyse, gain insight and take strategic liquidity decisions.

The Active Liquidity Network delivers complete, ondemand financial visibility and full cash transparency across the enterprise. Cash can be freed up, pooled, or accessed to activate new opportunities for investments, growth and risk management. With accurate, comprehensive and on-demand data, Kyriba can support CFOs and treasurers to deploy A.I., data analytics and visualization to ensure better financial decisions and activate better financial outcomes.

An Incremental Journey tO Activate Liquidity for Value Creation

Corporations that adopt Kyriba’s Active Liquidity Platform benefit from the platform’s highly modular SaaS technology. This means solutions can be delivered individually, collectively, or phased to suit your goals. Reducing upfront costs and implementation risks, finance teams can work “step by step” to acquire enterprise wide liquidity visibility, proven connectivity and integrated data-driven intelligence.

  • Expand treasury and finance capabilities by using liquidity to build value
  • Extend visibility and controls to see more, protect better and create value
  • Transform data into intelligence that strengthens outcomes
  • Actively balance growth initiatives with prudent risk management
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