Fact Sheet

Kyriba Crisis Caring Services

Crisis caring

Supporting Kyriba Clients During This Time of Crisis

The COVID-19 outbreak has had unforeseen effects on the way we live and work, creating new challenges for treasury and finance. To offer assistance to those teams feeling additional pressure during this period of uncertainty, we have amplified our focus and resources to empower clients with the support and training they need to continue their strategic objectives.

To meet these needs, Kyriba is offering all clients enhanced support and training at no additional cost. Knowing the necessity for these services, we have increased the capacity of our global support teams and repurposed our subject matter experts to assist in providing helpful training, while also building out our on-demand, online training library to ensure all users, including those covering for sick team members, are fully operational in meeting the demands of the CFO, CEO and board.

Enhanced Support

  • 24×7 flexible support hours for all users around the world
  • Double the amount of available support staff on all global support desks
  • Follow the sun support
  • Proactive support check-ins with premium and platinum subscribers
  • Availability of subject matter experts to aid new users performing cash, payments and risk management workflow and reporting

Targeted Training

  • Individual training for introductory and advanced users
  • One-on-one spot consulting
  • Expansion of the Kyriba Social online community and resources
  • A library of new, on-demand training content
  • Regular webinars on key tips and tricks, and walkthroughs of specific functionalities
  • Q&A clinics and Kyriba office hours