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Kyriba Demo Webinar: See Liquidity Performance in Action

Unlock the Full Potential of Liquidity Management

Kyriba’s Liquidity Performance Platform connects, protects, forecasts, and optimizes your cash flow and liquidity with:

  • Seamless connections to over 1,000 global banks with a vast format library of 50,000 pre-developed payment scenarios, providing real-time monitoring and accurate data, while accelerating ERP connections and relieving IT of maintenance burdens.
  • Advanced cash forecasting enhances the accuracy of cash flow planning by comparing multiple cash plans across geographies and entities, providing real-time scenarios to show the effects of new assumptions or market conditions.
  • Integrated AI drives data strategy, prevents payment fraud, and enhances cash forecasting accuracy by analyzing past data to guide future forecasts, offering predictability, actionability, and automation while ensuring legitimate transactions.
  • Comprehensive reporting empowers finance professionals with on-demand bank reports, consolidated cash positions, and in-depth analysis of cash activity across banks, geographies, counterparties, and currencies, using spreadsheet-like functions for deeper data understanding.
  • Receivables Finance maximizes working capital, reduces fraud risk, and increases financial visibility by managing pooled finance, select invoice, and factoring on the platform, with seamless ERP integration ensuring receivables are reflected in cash forecasts and available for funding.
  • Customizable views and dashboards enhance efficiency and productivity by offering automated, accurate cash forecasts in a spreadsheet-like format and personalized dashboards that highlight key insights for streamlined reporting and decision-making.

Join this week’s demo webinar to see the full power of Kyriba.