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Kyriba Video: An Offering for Midsize Companies

Kyriba Video: An Offering for Midsize Companies

Are you concerned about not being able to keep a tight grasp on your cash flow? Are you having difficulty seeing exactly how much liquidity you have? If so, you’re not alone. Many companies, especially cash-constrained mid-sized companies feel overwhelmed when it comes to managing their finances and understanding their liquidity. But with the right strategies and tools, you can gain full visibility of your liquidity and take back control over your cash.

Midsize companies have come to understand the importance of building a robust technological infrastructure as a means of preparing for the future. To reach their desired level of scalability and success, these organizations have begun to automate and standardize their processes, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Additionally, improving liquidity management and attempting to reduce risk have become top priorities. Thanks to the continuing advancements in technology, midsize companies are now able to access digital liquidity management solutions, something that was once thought of as a luxury for only larger enterprises.

Kyriba for mid-market offers a comprehensive solution for companies needing greater control and visibility of their cashflow and liquidity. With a powerful platform of features, CFOs are given the tools to easily track their cash and liquidity, and report and analyze their findings in an efficient and effective manner. Multi-bank connectivity, cash positioning, automated reconciliation and cash forecasting features give CFOs the opportunity to make informed decisions quickly, ensuring a smooth and successful financial management process.

Kyriba provides growth-oriented companies with a powerful platform that they need to take control of their treasury and payments processes. Our solution is built using process automation, optimization and risk prevention to ensure organizations can safely and securely maximize the effectiveness of their processes. Through process automation, optimization and risk prevention, Kyriba for Midsize Companies empowers organizations to activate their treasury and payments processes quickly.

Watch this overview video to learn how we can help and request a private demo to see Kyriba in action.